St. James Municipal Corporation Issues Warning To Street Side Garage Operators And Persons Dumping Materials On Roadways

Chairman of the Infrastructure and Traffic Management Committee at the St. James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Richard Vernon is appealing to operators of road-side garages in Montego Bay to immediately seek alternate locations to which they will move their operations.
Councillor Vernon who represents the Montego Bay South Division, said his appeal comes in light of increased complaints from citizens of Montego Bay in respect of hindrances been experienced in gaining access to roadways as pedestrians and as motorists.
“As chairman of the Infrastructure and Traffic Management Committee, I am encouraging persons who use roadways and road reservations to operate garages and store building materials to desist from doing so and take immediate steps to correct any breach or find alternate locations to accommodate their operations. Roadside garages contribute to traffic congestion by turning two way streets into single lanes, prevent pedestrians from traversing areas freely and in some cases contribute to accidents”, Councillor Vernon stated.
He added that the matter of the wanton operation of street side garages across Montego Bay took centre stage at the October monthly meeting of the Corporation’s Strategic Planning Committee where it was reported that the use and disposal of corrosive chemicals by these operators, causing damage to road surface and that the operators are engaged in improper disposal of industrial waste.
Councillor Vernon said “this practice contributes to environmental pollution. It is against this background that I am encouraging these operators to secure feasible locations to carry out their operations.”
Meanwhile, Councillor Vernon is sounding a word of warning to persons engaged in building construction who continue to leave excavated waste on the roadways.
He said “persons leaving building materials on sidewalk and roadways, as well as, directing waste water and construction residue to roadway, are also asked to desist from doing so. These practices contribute to clogging of drains, which make maintenance more difficult and also cause accidents, due to skids and reduced road access.  These practices breach the Parochial Roads Act and could therefore, attract penalties”.
The Montego Bay South Councillor said the move to cauterize street side garages and the other breaches form part of a push by the St. James Municipal Corporation to enhance the beauty of the city.
“The STJMC is imploring citizens to be orderly and cooperative as we work together to create practical solutions. We are seeking compliance to the rule of law, but if breaches persist, enforcement actions will have to be undertaken”, the Montego Bay Deputy Mayor stated.