Subdivision Approval Process

  1. Obtain application form from a registered surveyor or the National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA). All applications are prepared by commissioned Land Surveyors.
  2. Obtain Certificate of Valuation from Land Valuation & Estates Department (3 Federal Ave, Queen’s Drive, Montego Bay, 952-5318) for the land.
  3. Obtain current Tax Receipt showing up-to-date payment of property taxes from tax office (18B Howard Cooke Boulevard, Montego Bay 952-3595).
  4. If desired, an applicant may consult with the Roads & Works Department or Planning Department prior to submission of applications. This will help to speed the process by identifying missing documents or potential issues at an early stage.
  5. Submit the application to the Planning Department. Documents required:
    • three (3) complete copies of the application form
    • Certificate of Valuation for the land
    • photocopy of current tax receipt
    • eighteen (18) copies of the subdivision plan
    • for applications of ten (10) lots and under, only fifteen (15) copies are required
  6. At the time of application, fees are payable in full. The Planning Department will calculate the fees which are paid immediately to the Finance Department cashier at the Saint James Parish Council, 3rd floor. Fees may vary from parish to parish; at present, those for the Saint James Parish Council are calculated as follows:
Subdivision Fee
1 - 9 Lots $300 (flat rate)
10 - 30 Lots $65 per Lot
31 - 60 Lots $35 per Lot
61 Lots and Over $35 per Lot
1 - 9 Lots $175 per Lot
10 Lots and Over $150 per Lot
1 - 9 Lots $300 (flat rate)
10 Lots and Over $500 (flat rate)

Note: These fees are subject to change.

  1. The application is now sent to various departments both at the local (Parish Council) and national level for review and comment. Firstly, the Fire Department, secondly, NEPA, thirdly Roads & Works, which prepares proposed conditions of approval. All departmental comments and approvals are sent back to the Planning Department. Finally, the Planning Department sends the proposed conditions of approval to the applicant for acceptance.
  2. If the applicant is not in agreement with any of the conditions of approval, he or she may request a review. Contact the Planning Department for further information.
  3. When conditions of approval have been agreed upon, the application is sent to the Physical Planning and Environment Committee for approval. This body meets the first Thursday of every month.
  4. Once the Committee has approved the application, it is sent to the Ministry of Land and Environment for approval.
  5. Once the Minister’s approval letter is received, a final approval letter is signed by the Mayor, two (2) councilors and the Director of Planning at the Physical Planning and Environment Committee meeting and sent to the applicant.

Special Requests
Request for conditions of approval or file copies: $1000 – $1500.