St. James Parish Council Meeting or Committee Meeting
Regular Monthly Meeting of Council  Civic and Community Affairs
Commercial Services Strategic Planning and Policy*
Finance and Administration+ Infrastructure and Traffic Management
Disaster Preparedness, Hazard Mitigation and Safety Physical Planning, Environment and Development
Poor Relief+ Public Health and Sanitation
Human and Resource Management Asset Management
Local Public Accounts Committee  
+Note: This meeting is held in camera (no press or public).
+Note: For confidentiality reasons, only sections of these Minutes are available to the public.

Making a Presentation
If you or your organization would like to make a verbal presentation to Council, please make a request in writing two (2) weeks in advance of the Council meeting, held on the second (2nd) Thursday of every month. Your concern will be placed on the agenda, and you will be allowed to speak.

  • Please direct the letter to the Chief Executive Officer, Saint James Municipal Corporation, 19A Union Street, Montego Bay.
  • State your particular concern(s) and note that you or your group wishes to make a presentation.

Note: The public is welcome to observe most Committee meetings, but is not allowed to make presentations. Please see Committees of Council for more information.

TIP! Individuals are encouraged to come forward with concern(s), however, it is more effective to join with residents or citizens group to voice common goals and issues. United we stand, divided we fall!