Commercial Services

The Commercial Services Unit is responsible for the proper management of all markets, abattoirs, transportation centres, cemeteries, sanitary conveniences and commercial entities, which are under the authority of the Municipal Corporation.

The mandate of the Commercial Services Department is to work closely with the residents of St. James to ensure that customer expectations are met, and that the development of the parish economy is sustained.

We welcome and encourage suggestions from the public with regard to revenue or service enhancement. Please call us at 952-5500 ext 266, fax 952-4066 or send a letter to our offices at 19A Union Street, Montego Bay addressed to Revenue & Commercial Services Manager, St. James Municipal Corporation.

This Unit is responsible for the proper management of public amenities and physical structures used by the general public as listed below. Additionally, stray animals and the pound are the purview of this department.

  • Markets
  • Abattoirs
  • Cemeteries
  • Car & Bus Parks
  • Public Sanitary Conveniences
  • Income generating buildings/properties