The St. James Municipal Corporation (formerly Parish Council) is charged with the orderly and sustainable development of the City of Montego Bay and the parish on the whole – which encompasses buildings and sub-division applications.
Sited at the Cecil Donaldson Building on 19A Union Street in Montego Bay; the local authority regulates the laws of the parish and carries out its mandate under the leadership of a political directorate and the administrative staff.
The local authority has responsibility for all parochial roads within the parish; minor water supply; public cemeteries; permit parking; ensures the provision of poor relief/ welfare services; sustains effective communication for the inclusion of the citizens in local governance matters relating to community development and liaison; cultural and civic promotion; cleanliness and safety.
The St. James Municipal Corporation oversees the management of the Charles Gordon Market, Montego Bay Civic Centre, William Street Fruit Market, Jarrett Park Sporting Facility, Montego Bay Sports Complex, the Old Hospital Park, the Creek Dome as well as the Old Fort and Harbour Street Craft Markets.