​Council Reporting

This is the main Council meeting where issues are brought from various committees. Issues are debated and decisions are ratified.
Executive Management Committee
Responsibilities: General oversight of the activities of the various committees. This committee is made up of the chairmen of all committees and all heads of departments and units.
Commercial Services
Responsibilities: The proper management of income generating buildings and properties used by the general public including markets, abattoirs, public cemeteries, car and bus parks; public sanitary conveniences and the stray animal pound.
Finance & Administration
Responsibilities: All matters which impact on the management and control of Council’s financial affairs including financial management and accounting services; pensions and retiring benefits; procurement services; awarding of contracts and Council’s list of approved contractors; collection of rates and revenues; asset management and insurance and municipal enforcement.
Physical Planning & Environment
Responsibilities: Issues relating to planning and development; building inspection and by-law enforcement; street names and numbering; planning and development approvals; street vending; public nuisances; regulations of trade and business activities; approvals for places of amusement licenses as well as subdivisions and building permits.
Infrastructure Development & Maintenance
Responsibilities: Matters concerning improvements of local infrastructure including parochial roads; drains & gullies; buildings and structures; traffic management; minor water supplies; maintenance of municipal lands & buildings; monitoring the execution of contracts conducted by the Parish Council for works and services; Parish Disaster Planning and Management.
Poor Relief
Responsibilities: A cooperative partnership with civil society organizations to assist in the provisions of welfare services to the poor and destitute of the parish.
Public Health
Responsibilities: Butchers, barbers and hairdressers licenses; places of amusement; food handlers and various trades; abattoirs and other slaughtering places; water purification; public cemeteries; public cleansing and general sanitation.

Civic & Community Affairs
Responsibilities: Matters relating to community development and liaison; cultural and civic promotion; cleanliness and safety.
St. James Parish Development Committee
This is an initiative of Local Government Reform and this body is  tasked with contributing and spearheading the holistic development of the parish.