Organisation Remarks
Jamaica Fire Brigade Jamaica's fire-fighting Agency
Ministry of Local Government, Youth & Community Development ‘Established to unify all the functions, departments and agencies relating to local governance and community development, as well as to facilitate the better coordination of social policy and implementation of social programmes.’
Ministry of Transport & Works Government Ministry for transportation  including JUTC and public works such as roads and bridges.  
National Contracts Commission An independent body with a mission to ‘recommend the award of government contracts and in so doing, seek to ensure transparency, equity and integrity in the contract award process.’
National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) Government agency concerned with urban and rural planning and the environment. 
National Water Commission A statutory body ‘providing potable water and waste water services to the people of Jamaica.’
Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) National government agency dealing with disaster preparedness. 
ODPEM Links Page Links page to diaster-related sites.
Planning Institute of Jamaica Initiating and coordinating the development of plans, programmes and policies for the economic, financial social, cultural and physical development of Jamaica.
Urban Development Corporation ‘The UDC is the principal public sector organization responsible for the planning and designing of urban environments in UDC designated areas.’