List of Commercial Services

The Parish Council is now in the processing of finalizing plans for the construction of a central abattoir in the Montpelier area. Other satellite locations are being used in the interim.

All places of amusement (eg, bars, clubs, video arcades, concert halls, theatres, fairgrounds etc) are required to possess a licence, as are companies organizing special events such as outdoor concerts, street festivals etc. The purpose of the licence is to ensure that all safety standards including fire, health and traffic regulations are met. Click here for Amusement Licence Procedures

The Parish Council has recently taken over responsibility for animal pounds and the removal of stray animals. This facility is presently being implemented; information will be posted when arrangements have been made. Click here for Stray Animal Procedure

To maintain health and safety standards, all barbers and hairdressers require a licence issued by the Council. Click here for Barbers & Hairdressers Procedure

Large billboards require approval from the Parish Council in order to maintain safety standards. For example, the billboard must be placed in a location which will not block the view of passing traffic. Click here for Billboard

To maintain health and safety standards, all butchers require a licence issued by the Council. Click here for Butchers Procedure

Several car parks are being implemented by the Parish Council. At present, parking at the Civic Centre is available. During events, parking is for customers of the centre only. Click here for Car Park Procedures

The Parish Council operates the Pye River Cemetery, which is nearing capacity. Negotiations are presently taking place to establish a new cemetery near the community of Retirement. Commercial Services is responsible for allocating space in the cemetery, while the Roads & Works Department is responsible for maintenance. Plots are available.

The Parish Council manages the following markets within the parish:

Market Name Location Type of Goods
Charles Gordon Market Fustic Road, Montego Bay Vegetables, dry goods, ground provision
Old Fort Craft Market Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay Crafts
Harbour Street Craft Market Harbour Street, Montego Bay Crafts
People's Arcade Howard Cooke Blvd., Montego Bay General
Glendevon Market Glendevon Road, Montego Bay Presently closed and to be remodeled
Catadupa Market Catadupa General
Cambridge Market Cambridge General
Bryron Leslie Complex includes Fruit & Vegetable Market Fish Market William Street, Montego Bay Ground Provision, Vegetables, Fish

Montego Bay’s craft markets offer traditional crafts, clothing and jewellery. Residents shop for their weekly food needs and many other goods at the large Charles Gordon market.
Proper maintenance of Council’s markets is a priority. Under the supervision of the Superintendent Roads & Works and the Market Managers, daily cleaning, washing and sanitizing of the markets is undertaken. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent Roads & Works to ensure that the market buildings or infrastructure are operating safely and effectively.
To ensure the proper operation of market facilities, all vendors must have a valid licence. The permit must be on hand at all times while operating in the market or arcade. Vending without a licence will result in fines under the Litter Act and Town and Country Planning Act. Vending outside the market may result in seizure of goods. Click here for Vendor Licence Procedures

Three public washrooms are available for $20 per use: in the Montego Bay Civic Centre parking lot, near the clock on Barnett Street, and at the Old Fort Market.
Several shop premises are available for lease by the department. Click here for Shop Rental Procedures
This facility is leased from the St. James Parish Council and operated by the Ministry of Transport & Works.