The administration department’s mandate is to ensure the smooth running of internal operations at the Parish Council. Much of our work is behind the scenes. The areas of responsibility include:

  • Complaints – accepts letters of complaint and directs them to the appropriate department
  • Human Resources – employment issues including conducting interviews, job descriptions, performance appraisals, leave, training, promotions & pensions
  • Communication – coordination of telephone, mail registry, filing system, attendance record, inform staff about council directives & operations, orientation of new councillors
  • Industrial Relations – the office can act as an advocate on behalf of a staff member in the event of any dispute; deals with union claims
  • Coordination of council committees – secretarial service for committees, help prepare submissions to council & other government departments/agencies
  • Purchasing – equipment & supplies
  • Planning – civic events & conferences
  • Unserviceable stores – in conjunction with the Finance Department, the council disposes of salvageable used goods (through a Board of Survey)
  • Insurance of Council’s assets