Community Relations

The Public and Community Relations Unit serves as a ‘Community Care centre’ with two primary objectives:

  • To increase the opportunity of citizens to participate in the decision-making process of the Parish Council.
  • To improve the flow of information from the Municipal Corporation to the public.

The Unit is responsible for advertising, website management, production of brochures outlining general and departmental parish council services,  special events planning, staff relations, press releases, media liaison, issues management, customer/client service, collecting feedback, concerns & complaints from the public.

The Saint James Municipal Corporation is pursuing an open and accountable Local Government process, and we encourage all citizens to participate.

Initiatives include:

  1. The Broadcasting of the regular monthly Corporation meetings
  2. Establishment of a Citizens Complaints Log for the public to express concerns, and to make recommendations and suggestions regarding matters pertaining to Council.
  3. An annual series of Community Fora in all parish council divisions. Members of the public are invited to these meetings attended by Councillors, the Mayor, senior staff from all departments and representatives from stakeholder agencies.
  4. Mayor-In-Parlour Series held on the first Monday of each month and provides persons with the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with the Mayor on issues or suggestions relating to their communities and or the parish on the whole.

The Public and Community Relations Unit also encourages all Citizens Associations, Community Development Committees, NGOs and other community-based organizations to invite us to their meetings so that we can keep abreast of community happenings.

Our web pages are designed to keep you informed about what is happening at the Municipal Corporation and provide useful links and information about your community. Our News and Events pages will keep you up-to-date.