Vacancy Procedure

It is the policy of the St. James Parish Council to find the most suitably qualified candidates for permanent, casual, or seasonal positions. Fair and consistent practices in the recruitment process are followed and are based on merit and the concept of equal opportunity employment.
Positions at the Parish Council are filled either through the parish or through the Parish Councils Services Commission (PCSC). Unified Service Officers (e.g., department heads and pensionable positions) are dealt with by the PCSC, while support staff (e.g. cooks, cleaners, laundresses, drivers, office attendants) are hired directly by the Council.

Procedure For PCSC Positions
Positions include department heads, accounting personnel, secretaries, nurses and ward assistants.

  1. Vacancy is advertised in newspapers stating necessary qualifications and experience.
  2. Applications can be sent directly to:
    Parish Council Services Commission
    Ministry of Finance & Planning Complex
    Block G, 2nd Floor
    30 National Heroes Circle
    Kingston 4
    or to the St. James Parish Council which will forward them to the PCSC.
  3. PCSC contacts applicants, conducts interviews and sends chosen candidate to Parish Council.
  4. Successful applicant commences work in a temporary capacity for six months to one year.
  5. After one year, the Parish Council recommends to PCSC that employee either be made permanent or be terminated.

Procedure for non-PCSC positions

  1. Positions include: cleaners, cooks, life guards, gardeners, drivers, security and laundresses.
  2. Applicants to submit cover letter clearly indicating desired position and a résumé with employment history and education.Requirements: Clerical workers require a minimum of 4 CXC or GCE subjects including Math & English. Other positions such as cleaner or security guard require the ability to read and write.
  3. Applications are received and filed.
  4. Vacant positions are NOT advertised. When a position comes up, the Human Resources Department goes through applications from the last three (3) months and contacts applicant(s) for interview.
  5. Successful applicant commences work in a temporary capacity for six months to one year.
  6. After six months to one year, the applicant is eligible for permanent status.

TIP! Résumés can be sent to both the PCSC and Saint James Parish Council at any time. If more than three months has passed and you are still available to work, re-submit your application so that you will continue to be considered for positions.

Benefits & Salaries
Staff benefits and procedures are covered by a Staff Order provided by the Ministry of Finance & Planning outlining salary scales, leave allowances etc.
Various positions offer benefits outside a regular salary. Laundry and uniform allowances are now included as part of the salary. Positions which require that an employee be on-call at all hours (e.g., head nurse) are eligible for a duty allowance. Employees who require a vehicle for their duties are eligible for a loan of 20% towards the cost of purchasing a vehicle. In some parishes (including St. James) several senior positions (e.g., Superintendent Roads & Works, Secretary / Manager) are provided with official residences.