Disaster Information Database Center

The Disaster Information Database Center was created to improve the management of shelters and resources for disaster operations. Included in the files below are lists of emergency shelters, contact lists, hazard information, and standard forms used in disaster operations. The files are in PDF. format, and require that Adobe Reader be installed on your computer. Other information will be posted here as the system develops.

The Google Earth Display file shows shelter locations and hazard information in the popular internet program called Google Earth (see link at bootom of page).
Quick List
Priority Shelters
Shelter List
Training Enrollment

EOC Contact List
Shelter Managers – by Name
Shelter Managers – by Shelter

Risk Areas
Tabular Data

Heavy_Equipment List
Resource Providers

Maps of St. James Parish
Map of Parish

Disaster Supply Kit
Parish Disaster Plan
Infirmary Disaster Plan
Municipal Building Disaster

National Hurricane Center

Google Earth Display
Shelters and Risk Areas of St. James
The following download file contains shelter markers and hazard areas that appear on the popular Google Earth program. Follow these simple steps to see the information.
GE_Shelters and Risk Areas.KML.zip

  1. Click on the link above to download this compressed file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file and note where you save the unzipped file.
  3. Open Google Earth.
  4. Select the File/Open option in Google Earth and open your unzipped file.

Google Earth should “fly” to the parish of St. James and display shelters and hazard information. Google Earth will add this file to its Places control panel. You can click on the file reference to expand your display options. Also, you can click on the symbols on the map and see information relative to that shelter or hazard area.