“Montego Bay Has Achieved A Lot In 14 Years As A City”-Mayor Leeroy Williams

Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Montego Bay, councilor Leeroy Williams is hailing the achievements of Montego Bay on the 41st anniversary of the resort town being given city status.

Mayor Williams said the achievements came despite the many and varied social and anti-social challenges which Montego Bay has been facing.

“Montego Bay, which is celebrating its 41st year of city status, has much to be proud of despite challenges posed by crime and the COVID-19 pandemic. As a city, and now the fastest developing city in the Caribbean, Montego Bay has made incredible strides in sectors such as tourism, an expanded cruise and cargo shipping terminal, the busiest airport in the region, a growing and productive BPO sector, a great housing stock, the development of recreational spaces and the road network, Mayor Williams said.

He added that “we now have a great multi-million dollar Harmony Beach, the soon to be completed Montego Bay Fire Station, a modern Convention Centre, major additions to the city’s housing stocks and a wide array of local and international colleges and Universities. In 41 years as a city, Montego Bay has grown tremendously to the point of being the fastest developing city in the Caribbean”.

He pointed out that in 41 short years, Montego Bay has made positive strides which far out-strip some country’s development.

Mayor Williams said “since being granted city status on October 9, 1980, Montego Bay has made significant contributions to the parish’s and nation’s development.

“Montego Bay has been making significant contributions to the growth and development of Jamaica’s tourism industry, and is now regarded as the destination of choice in the international tourism marketplace. We have seen and continue to see major infrastructural upgrades at the Sangster International Airport, the Montego Freeport, at a number of hotels among others. The growth of the BPO sector and other business areas of development that Montego Bay can be proud of in its 41 years as a city, Mayor Williams stated.

The St. James Municipal Corporation Chairman is however pointing out that despite the achievements, there was still work to be done in addressing some social issues, and to ensure that Montego Bay delivers on its potential to be the greatest city in the Caribbean.

 “For years, crime and violence continue to be a major problem in Montego Bay. This issue has occupied our thinking for quite a while. I am sure that based on the resources which have been made available to members of the security forces over the past few years, the issue will be cauterized in short order”, he said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Williams is hoping that the fight against COVID-19 will be won in short order and is urging members of the public to adhere to the stated protocols and measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act, DMRA.

As a people, we are resilient people and will overcome this pandemic. I must however encourage everyone to join the efforts to ensure that what has been gained through hard work is preserved and that Montego Bay continues its progress to the next level of the prosperity chain and become the place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families,” Mayor Williams added.