Jillian Rodney-A Small Tower Of (Municipal Police) Strength

Though small in stature, Jillian Rodney carries the mammoth task of supervising a team of over 50 Municipal Police and Officers who help to maintain law and order in the city of Montego Bay.
Ms. Rodney, a Municipal Police Supervisor has given close to two decades of service to the St James Municipal Corporation, having started this impressive journey as a Municipal Police Officer.
In her usual candid manner, Ms. Rodney recalls her early days as a Municipal Police Officer who was proud to don the khaki uniform which was the mode of dress at the time.
“When we started in 2004, we were all eager to serve and although we did not initially command the respect of members of the public, we matured over the years and have gained the respect, trust and admiration of everyone”, the soft spoken Ms. Rodney stated.
Fast forward to sixteen years in the field and having grasp the responsibilities which she has been given, especially as a Supervisor, Ms. Rodney now considers herself a source of strength for those she head, and as someone who carries out her duties with utmost respect and integrity at all times.
Ms. Rodney opined that “being a female in the local arm of enforcement, strength and resilience are a particular set of characteristics one must possess to withstand all the challenges posed by unlawful citizens with whom we encounter on a daily basis. I consider myself professional employee and my Christian faith plays a significant role in how I carry out my duties in a fair manner to all involved. To this end, my life philosophy is boldly guided by the Bible scripture ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
It has been six years since Jillian Rodney was elevated to the position of Municipal Police Supervisor and during that time, her duties have significantly increased to include both administrative duties and physical involvement in field operations with the Municipal Police Officers under her command. Among the Officers under Ms. Rodney’s supervision are staff at the Municipal Car Pound and Old Hospital Park, Municipal Security Officers and Permit Parking Staff members.

When asked what inspired her to get involved in this line of work Ms. Rodney stated that her love for Jamaica and people along with the desire to be a part of a lawful society are among the influences which led her to becoming a Municipal Police.
She added that “other contributing factors like my yearning to learn and help others with knowledge have all tied perfectly to reveal just how well suited this job is for me. Whether people have general or specific queries, their first instinct is to always reach out to the Municipal Corporation. This is where I get to use the knowledge I have garnered over the years to assist them or direct them to other services that may not necessarily fall under our jurisdiction.”
Meanwhile, Ms. Rodney’s contribution towards the development and establishment of the Municipal Police Department have not gone un-noticed.
Mayor of Montego Bay and Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Leeroy Williams  said over the past sixteen years, Ms. Rodney’s invaluable service to the St James Municipal Corporation has been nothing short of what was envisioned for Municipal Officers upon their introduction to Municipalities in 1999.
He said “her tenure at the St James Municipal Corporation has certainly demonstrated her competence and showcased her exemplary leadership which lends to that behavior being reciprocated by her colleagues. Many can attest to her humility and respectful nature in which she carries out her duties but it is also wise to say she is a no-nonsense person.”
Mayor Williams added that “her main duties over the years have been inclusive of maintaining civic order especially at functions hosted by the Corporation, securing and protecting property, investigating claims and other matters on behalf of the local authority. This aspect of her job she carries out with utmost efficiency and professionalism. She has however, gone beyond the call of her duty in not only delegating these responsibilities but being pretty hands on”.
Ms. Rodney humbly sees herself as someone who is making a contribution to Jamaica’s and Montego Bay’s development.
She is someone who continues to seek out and participate in training sessions which are aimed at making her and her team better.
Ms. Rodney said “the St James Municipal Corporation has seen it paramount to equip the Municipal Police team through several training sessions, most of which I have participated in. The most recent of these was a Safety Monitor training conducted in 2019 with the aim of making all Municipal Police certified First Responders in fire safety.  From time to time, training sessions are held in conjunction with the Jamaica Constabulary Force Training Academy at Twickenham Park. I have also has training in Traffic warden and Traffic ticketing, enforcement technique and a First Aid training in collaboration with Blue Cross”.
The balancing act of managing personal life and a demanding job has seemingly been mastered by Ms. Rodney, a mother of one. She is actively engaged in the Lamb of God International Church where she is the Secretary.