STJMC Moving To Restore Law And Order Along Roadways

The St. James Municipal Corporation is moving to restore law and order in respect of citizens dumping construction materials and excavated waste on roadways across the parish.
To this end, the Corporation’s Road and Works Department with the support of the St. James Fire Department on Saturday June 3, 2023, cleared several truck loads of excavated construction debris as well as construction material from a section of Patterson Avenue in the Ironshore community.
Thanks to the Fire Department, the impacted section of the roadway was immediately washed, once the debris and materials were removed.

Teamwork: The St. James Fire Department assigned a unit to wash the area after the debris and materials were removed.
The construction material and excavated waste have been left on the road by unknown persons who are said to be associated to lot #206 along that section of the road and were removed under the Parochial Road Act.
The St. James Municipal Corporation said it will be pursuing cost recovery in respect to the funds used in the removal exercise which could also include a caveat being taken out on the property.

The Corporation said it has also gleaned information that over six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000.00) in property tax is owing on the property and that every legally available channels will be pursued to collect the outstanding sum.
In the meantime, the St. James Municipal Corporation is advising citizens doing construction to refrain from dumping materials and or excavated waste on the roadway as apart from this is a breach of the Anti-Litter Act, it creates road safety issues for both motorists and pedestrians traversing the area.
In addition, persons who are doing or are interesting in doing construction are being encouraged to make contact with the Planning and Roads and Works Departments at the St. James Municipal Corporation to obtain the necessary guidance, as failure to do so can result in drastic actions being taken against the developer.

The pile up of debris along a section of Patterson Avenue.

The section of Patterson Avenue after it was cleaned.