St. James Municipal Corporation Lauds Health Workers In Their Fight To Contain Covid-19

Mayor of Montego Bay and Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Homer Davis is commending members of the public health sector in St. James for its efforts in curbing and containing the spread of the Corona Virus, COVID-19 Virus in the parish so far.
Mayor Davis said as a result of the work of the Health Department and other Essential Service Workers, St. James has not seen a new reported case of COVID-19 in over two weeks, with its last confirmed case coming on April 16.
He said of the eight (8) COVID-19 cases confirmed in St. James so far, six of those affected have fully recovered while unfortunately one has died and the other is being treated at hospital.
Mayor Davis said “it is commendable that the parish has not seen a new reported or confirmed case of COVID-19 in two weeks. This is due to the vigilance and hard work of the professionals in the parish’s health sector, coupled with support from other essential workers to include the St. James Municipal Corporation and members of the security forces. We have seen eight confirmed cases in our parish and so far and we give thanks that six have fully recovered and have been released from health facilities while only one person remains under treatment. It is unfortunate that the other confirmed case has died, but we give thanks for hard work of everyone involved in what has been achieved so far”.
Mayor Davis is urging everyone to remain on guard and not to become complacent in ensuring that St. James becomes a COVID-19 free parish.
“While we celebrate and laud the work of the health sector and other workers, we cannot afford to lose the gains we have made so far in the fight to contain the virus. I urge everyone to remain on alert and continue to practice the protocols which have been outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness…These include the wearing of mask while in the public, observing the 6-feet social distance protocol and the continued washing and sanitizing of hands”, Mayor Davis stated.
He is also calling on persons who continue to pay scant regard to measures such as the wearing of mask, observing social distance, washing and sanitizing of hands to immediately change their position as the confirmation of any additional new case of COVID-19 would be unfortunate and is something that St. james and Jamaica can well do without.
Meanwhile, Mayor Davis said the St. James Municipal Corporation continues to implement measures aimed at educating members of the public on best practices to guard against contracting COVID19, while supporting the work of all other agencies and groups in this regard.
“The St. James MC is very supportive of all efforts aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19. As a body we continue to look at measures which can assist the people of this parish to become more aware and we continue to give support, social and otherwise to everyone, especially the most vulnerable in the parish. It is my wish that St. James will remain relatively COVID-19 free with no new cases being reported and that the lone patient who is being treated at this time, gets well in short order. We want to get back to full productivity in St. James and I am sure across the island, so the quicker we put a lid on this COVID-19, the sooner we can get back to full productivity”, Mayor Davis outlined.