Deputy Mayor Saddened At The Passing Of Former Councillor Berlin Thompson

Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Richard Vernon has expressed sadness at the passing of former Jamaica Labour Party Councillor for the Mount Salem Division, Berlin Thompson.

Thompson who was Councillor for the Division from 1981 tom 1986, also served Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay to then Mayor, Shalman Scott.

In expressing condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Thompson on behalf of the political directorate and members of staff of the St. James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Vernon who is now acting as Mayor of Montego Bay, said the parish of St. James has lost a true servant of the people.

“From all indication, I conclude that former Councillor Thompson was not just a hard working Local Government representative, but did his work without fear or favour and was never one to shy away from taking on tasks which some deemed to be insurmountable. Councillor Thompson was a great servant of the people, not just those who represented, but everyone”, Councillor Vernon said.

He added that “the people of Mount Salem in particular and St. James in general have lost a great man. The party which he represented, the JLP has also lost a wealth of knowledge and experience, but I am sure that former Councillor Berlin Thompson will long be remembered for his hard work, commitment and dedication”.

Meanwhile, former Mayor of Montego Bay, Shallman Scott said former Councillor Thompson who was elected Deputy Mayor as a replacement for then Deputy Mayor Councillor Princess Vernon, served with dedication and humility.

Mr. Scott who was Mayor of Montego Bay from 1981 to 1986 said there were no tasks too great for former Councillor Thompson to undertake and effectively complete.

“I can still recall in the turbulent 1980’s when Jamaica had a severe foreign exchange problem and a ship came to Montego Bay with oil and the Captain decided that the product will only be off-loaded if the charges are paid. Mr. Thompson immediately launched a collection drive among In-Bond Merchants and other business operators and once the funds were raised, he sent it with two Policemen on bike to the Bank of Jamaica for lodgment and for a manager’s cheque to be drawn. The cheque was handed over to the Ship’s Captain and the oil was off-loaded…an act which was not just for Montego Bay but for Jamaica”, Mr. Scott recalled.

He added that “Berlin Thompson was “someone who did his work as a Councillor well. He always acted in a bi-partisan manner because he believed that he was not just a JLP Councillor, but a local representative for the citizens of St. James and Jamaica. May his soul rest in peace and light perpetually shines on him…Walk good my brother Berlin Thompson”.