Montego Bay Tax Compliance Team to Provide Payment Plan Opportunities

Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on members of the public, the St. James Property Tax Compliance team is seeking to provide property owners with an opportunity to make tax payments according to an agreed payment plan while the mobile unit visits their communities.

With the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development’s Mobile Property Tax Unit returning to St. James for another series of promotional sessions between January 13 and 15, 2021, persons who find it challenging to make their annual payments are being encouraged to take advantage of payment plans.

The Mobile Property Tax Unit will visit three locations across the parish including Maroon Town Square at McBean’s shop on January 13, Sam Sharpe Square at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre on January 14, and Meadows of Irwin at the Police Post on January 15, 2021. During the three-day promotional period, the public is encouraged to visit the location to make queries and payments towards property taxes.
According to Acting Chief Executive Officer at the St. James Municipal Corporation, Bryce Grant, the payment plan is ‘two-fold as it is set up to benefit both the property tax compliance team and the payee.’
“It’s provides a great opportunity for everyone because it helps the tax unit to set up a agreement for payment, thereby establishing a relationship with property owners who, in turn, will not be served a summons as long as a payment plan is in place and there is continuous dialogue until the plan is completed,” said Grant.
Regional Manager for the Local Government Tax Unit, Wendye Smith-Peterkin, in echoing the sentiments of Grant added, “We have developed a tag line to support this effort, which states: Paying a little means a lot if an arrangement is attached. We are confident that property owners will respond positively and we are encouraging them to come out and take advantage of this opportunity, and to also visit the outstations to avoid joining long lines and transportation costs.”

The promotional Property Tax Outstations, which are part of St. James Municipal Corporation and the Tax Administration Jamaica’s (TAJ) effort to bring awareness to the public on the importance of paying property taxes, will run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.
Property Tax receipts pay for streetlights, garbage collection and disposal, parochial road rehabilitation and improving community spaces.