St. James Infirmary Fully Compliant With Covid-19 Protocols

In wake of the recent reports of positive Covid-19 cases at the Golden Age Home in Kingston, the St. James Municipal Corporation has stepped up protocols at the St. James Infirmary which it manages.
Since the first case of Covid-19 on the island in March, the Corporation has implemented several preventative measures at the Infirmary which are aimed at preventing an outbreak of COVID-19 at the facility which houses 53 residents. These protocols are in keeping with those outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness and endorsed by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.
A number of hand wash sinks and sanitizing stations have been installed at strategic locations on the compound. In addition to sanitization efforts and in keeping with instructions from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, no visitor is being allowed on the premises while the members of staff must undergo temperature checks and sanitization upon entry.
Head of the St James Infirmary, Matron Jacqueline Wilson informed that robust efforts continue on a daily basis to ensure full adherence to all the safety protocols outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. 
Matron Wilson said “with the health of the residents being top priority, we ensure that on a daily basis we sanitize. In fact, we have staff responsible for sanitizing the wards every fifteen (15) minutes and at all times we wear our face masks. An isolation unit has been set up and remains ready to accommodate any resident who may contract Covid-19”.
She added that “every staff member is shuttled to and from the Infirmary in a designated and fully sanitized bus and the Patient Care Assistants are given a designated area to change into their work attire before entering the wards. In addition, we try as best as possible to space the residents in the wards in accordance with social distancing regulations.”
Meanwhile, Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Leeroy Williams has endorsed the measures implemented at the Infirmary; measures which he said “are part of a holistic plan to protect the residents and members of staff against Covid-19”.
Mayor Williams said “from the onset the Municipality has adopted a serious stance in regards to the protection of staff and residents at the Infirmary. The residents are part of a vulnerable group and we continue to do everything in our power to keep them safe.”
Chief Executive Officer at the St James Municipal Corporation, Gerald Lee in supporting Mayor Williams, added that he is satisfied with the job being done by the staff at the Infirmary in keeping the residents healthy.
“I must commend the work being done by the staff members at the Infirmary in ensuring full compliance with the protocols. “I am confident that with all the protocols that are in place and with full compliance from everyone, the St James Infirmary remains ready to respond effectively to protect against Covid-19. We have added new members of staff to the Infirmary who have been tasked with conducting on-going sanitization of all areas”, Mr. Lee said.