New Flanker Sign-A Welcome Addition to The Community

The entrance to the community of Flanker in Montego Bay, St. James now has a new look, thanks to Councillor for the Montego Bay North East Division, Senator Charles Sinclair and Member of Parliament for North West St. James, Dr. the Hon. Horace Chang.
The welcome sign at the entrance to the community is just one of the many projects done by the Councillor Charles Sinclair with major support coming from Member of Parliament, Dr. Chang.
Councillor Sinclair said the sign which is his “Signature Project” for the Montego Bay North East (Flanker Division), was built at a cost of $1.2-M with financing from the St James Municipal Corporation.
He said the sign has been well received by residents of the community who have expressed their appreciation directly and on social media.
“The sign speaks volumes. It was done on the completion of many infrastructural projects and human capacity building activities. It welcomes ALL locals and visitors to enjoy the various offerings and to interact with the good fun loving people of the community. It says Flanker is here to stay and contribute in a worthwhile way to the growth and development of Montego Bay”, Councillor Sinclair said.
He added that "Flanker is much more than a residential community. It is a village with many offerings. There is primary school, the Flanker Resource Centre and Flanker Skills Training Centre which offers a wide range of opportunities to young people, churches, commodity wholesale businesses and restaurants, notably the famous Baba Joe. The community also has a newly constructed health centre. The greatest asset of the community is its people with whom I have been working for over 20 years in conceptualizing and implementing many community building projects.”
He pointed out that the sign gives direction to this well known community and has “further lifted the spirits and vibes of the residents especially with its prominent placement on the major corridor for travelers in and out of Montego Bay. It was strategically placed at the area which comprises the Flanker's economic centre with fruit stalls, craft shops, ital food outlet and car sales lot. All activities operated by residents of the community. This area was developed with financing through the Tourism Enhancement Fund.”
The Montego Bay North East Councillor added that new sign will bring more attention to several other developments which have been taking place close to the entrance to the community, pointing out that “the growing sports complex consists of an all purpose court and football field is next door to the economic centre. These facilities allow for healthy interaction between the youngsters in the community and from other communities.”
Meanwhile, Mikoyan Robinson, a resident of Flanker is not hiding his delight over the erection of the sign.
He said “this sign is having a tremendous effect on the residents of the community as it brings positive recognition to the area and has vastly improved the aesthetics. This is a welcomed addition to our community”.
Joan Munroe-Green who manages the Flanker resource Centre said “the sign is part of efforts to improve the image and culture of our wonderful Flanker community. This sign brings new hope, new appreciation for the community and will definitely lift the morale of the residents. We thank Councillor Sinclair for this great addition”.