Mobay’s Mayor Gives Full Support to State of Public Emergency in St. James

Mayor of Montego Bay and Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation, Councillor Homer Davis, has thrown his full support behind the declaration of a state of public emergency in the parish of St. James.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness declared the state of public emergency on Thursday as part of measures to combat the growing crime wave in the parish which saw over 335 murders in 2017 and close to 10 homicides so far this year.

Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Homer Davis.

Mayor Davis said “the St. James Municipal Corporation supports the measure which we are confident will play a major role in curbing the crime wave which has gripped our parish for too long. I also support the fact the Prime Minister Holness did not put a timeframe to the state of public emergency, as time should not be an issue in curbing crime”.
He said the Security Forces have literally hit the ground running in taking control of the parish and expressed confidence that they will rid St. James of criminals and illegal firearms.

“I am pleased with the manner in which the Security Forces were deployed across the parish, covering all hot spots and other communities. I think the information regarding crime producers and their location is known by the security forces and it is only a matter of time before the criminals and their ill-gotten possessions are flushed out”, Mayor Davis said.

Mayor Davis said he is aware of the inconveniences which law abiding residents of St. James as well as the business community will face during this state of public emergency, and is asking for their support, understanding and cooperation.

“Residents going about their business will be impacted in terms of being delayed in getting to their destinations. Businesses will also be impacted as the security forces conduct cordon and searches. I am pleading with everyone to be understanding, cooperative and supportive of the situation as it is being done for the greater good of everyone”, he stated.